Why Do I Need PPC Service & Management ?

Welcome to PPC Auditor’s website. We specialize in auditing Pay per Click (PPC) accounts and campaigns for clients who have PPC accounts. PPC campaigns are ad campaigns in which a series of web advertisements are created and included in relative searches and web pages within search engine indexes in exchange for payments by the advertiser to keep their ads included in the searches. Each PPC campaign is done through an account established with the search engine. When a PPC account is established, the advertiser determines targeted keywords and phrases for the ads, the geographic location in which they will be searchable, and the amount of money that will be spent per click.

At PPC Auditor, we recognize that there are many factors that contribute to a successful PPC campaign, starting with the creation of a PPC account. When PPC accounts are created, it is important to use good keywords to target relevant searches so the advertisement appears on relevant pages. Each time an ad is clicked on by a user, that user is taken to the target website of the ad and the account of the company is charged a certain price per click. The price of the click is determined either with a bidding system or as a flat rate. We at PPC Auditor manage PPC campaigns on the budget provided by the clients and make sure that the campaigns are run efficiently to get the best use of the clients’ campaign. We also help set up the PPC accounts to target specific keywords and users searching within a given geographical area to encourage local traffic. Browse through our website for more information about our specific PPC services.